Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good News and Forever by Kimla Designs

        Hi everyone! So you wanna know the second reason why I had a great and wonderful Monday and definitely will be having a great and wonderful week? That's because my lover is here!!! Yup, my wonderful husband is home for a vacation! He arrived last Monday and both our girls were surprised and very happy! Of course, I'm so happy and I'm so excited to spend every minute with him after being away for almost 7 months!

        So being inspired... here is a page using Forever by Kimla Designs which you can buy here.

Thank you for your time! Hugs!

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Frances said...

I'm so thrilled for you, Pauline. I know it has to have been so hard to have been away from your beautiful husband for seven months! This week will fly by, I'm sure. May you make many wonderful and precious memories. Your page is gorgeous. I'll look forward to seeing more pictures from this special week. Hugs to you ...